Counselling and Psychotherapy in Guildford and Woking

Counselling and Psychotherapy in Guildford and Woking

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Trauma Therapy

Trauma is the mind and body’s response to overwhelming experiences. It includes the initial response to the experience (such as: shock, fear, anger, horror, confusion, pain) and can also include a lasting response, leaving an ‘imprint’ in the individual. An Imprint of the past onto the present, an imprint in the mind and in the body.


EMDR stands for Eye-Movement, Desensitisation, Reprocessing therapy. It was primarily developed for processing traumatic memories and adverse life experiences, however, has since been adapted for other difficulties which we find ourselves dealing with, Such as: anxiety, depression, phobias, stress and grief and more.


Experiencing nervousness before a test or big event is completely normal, but when worrying interferes with the way you live your life and your day to day functioning, you may be experiencing a more disruptive anxiety.


Feeling low is a normal reaction to loss and suffering. However, if this feeling lasts for weeks or months, and begins to interfere with your ability to enjoy life, it might be worth thinking about professional support for depression

Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem is characterised by negative thoughts and feelings about your personality, body, life decisions or other aspects of your life and who you are as a person. Constantly criticising yourself also affects the way you live your life and the decisions you make.


Bereavement is a term used to describe what people experience after the loss of a loved one. Grief is the time spent adjusting to this loss. It is important to remember that everyone deals with bereavement differently and that your own, unique way of dealing with grief is normal.

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