Counseling for Relationship in Difficulties In Woking & Guildford

One to One Counselling for Relationship Difficulties in Guildford and Woking

Experiencing relationship problems will make anyone feel fearful, anxious or sad, and it is completely normal to feel lonely and hopeless when you are trying to deal with these issues all by yourself.

Whether it’s problems in your work, family or romantic relationships, therapy offers a safe and supportive environment where you can explore your concerns and ultimately find better ways of managing your relationships.

If your issues are primarily related to your romantic relationships, such as if you are facing a breakup or divorce, or if you are seeking to end an unhealthy relationship, counselling provides an opportunity for you to discuss the troubles that you are facing and feel less alone in dealing with them.

There are many reasons why people face difficulties in their relationships, some of these include:


Different values and beliefs

Different generations often have a different set of values and people regularly have differences of opinion or conflicting ideas which affect relationships at work and at home. This can also be difficult with relationships between individuals from different cultures- especially when there is a lack of communication and understanding.



Work and academic pressure often cause people to become highly stressed. This causes tension in personal and professional relationships, as some people become neglectful or abusive when under stress, often without realising they are doing so.


Lack of communication

Conflict in relationships is most often the result of low levels of emotional understanding, such as the inability to empathise with another person or dealing with your own negative emotions, and the resulting lack of communication skills.


Loyalty issues

It is not uncommon for people to experience issues of loyalty in their romantic partnerships. When either one or both partners have become emotionally involved or had sexual relations with someone outside the relationship, the trust which holds a relationship together is broken and difficult to repair.


Life changes

Lifestyle changes are an issue which is more common in intimate relationships. It is perfectly normal for romantic partners who have been together for an extended period of time to feel that they have drifted apart.


Personality Changes

Over time, people often grow and change into different people, with a new outlook and way of being. This can simply be a result of maturation and life experiences. It often happens that people grow and feel less compatible with a partner than what they did when they entered a relationship. Sometimes people feel it’s best to go their own ways, sometimes people can work out ways of getting to know each other again and work towards building a new relationship.

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