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What is Depression?

Depression can often be a very restrictive and hopeless state to be in. Although many suffer with depression, there are also many who do not understand it, even it they are suffering with it themselves. “Why cant I just get over it?” “I shouldn’t be feeling like this”, “it doesn’t matter anyway, there is no point to my life or to be around anyone, I am not good for anything”, “I will never be good enough”.

These are thoughts which many of us have from time to time. With depression, however, these thoughts form a core belief which stifles motivation, interest and energy, increases hopelessness and appears to last forever. The thoughts and feelings can even there in the background through slightly happier periods.

What Causes Depression?

.Depression can be caused by many things. Often, it is a combination of repeated experiences which shape our view of the world, our view of ourselves, how we believe life will plan out, and our ability to cope or succeed.

Some times depression is born out of negative experiences (such as loss and trauma for example). Sometimes it is born from a conflict between who we think we are and who we believe we should be. Sometimes it can be born through an unstable environment in earlier life. Resulting in a feeling of instability which stays with us if not tended to sooner.

Depression can often be caused by conflicting “parts”. We build several parts of our personality through experiences and situations. When these parts are in conflict, decision making and feeling content can be difficult. “A part of me feels X, but another part feels Y and I do not know which way to turn.

There are several other situations and experiences that can lead to depression. However severe your depression is, there is hope in therapy. Processing thoughts and emotions to help find a better place and outlook IS possible.

How Can Therapy Help?

Working through depression in counselling is not an easy task. It can, however, be a very rewarding process.

 Being able to explore emotions, thought patterns, and where they came from can help you gain insight into your self and uncover ways of overcoming the feelings and restrictions of depression. Sometimes therapy may include general structuring of day to day life, sometimes it may include creating new patterns of thinking and feeling, other times it may include deeper understanding, expression and unravelling. 

 Ultimately, it will help you to gain confidence, self-acceptance and hope for the future. Unfortunately, there is no approach that suits everyone, counselling is therefore a collaborative process where you take charge of the direction you want to go, and as a therapist, my job is to help deepen that process, provide avenues of exploration and use my experience and knowledge to suggest ways of moving forward that suit you and your individual needs.

Depression can hold you back in many areas of life, it is very limited and can be highly destructive. However, you do not have to let it control you or your future.

General Information

Cost of sessions:

Woking: £55

Guildford: £60

Online: £40-£60 depending on day and time.

*Limited concessions sometimes available

**Recognised by several health insurance companies

Length of therapy: This is different for all clients. I work on an open-ended agreement. Meaning sessions are ongoing until I am given a week’s notice.

Session length: 50 minute sessions, usually weekly. Fortnightly is sometimes available.

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