Email Counselling

Craig Coventry is an experienced, qualified and BACP Acreddited counsellor and psychotherapist providing online counselling to assist those who are not able to travel to his therapy rooms or make the same timeslot each week, prefer the medium of writing their process, or those who request sessions outside of Craig’s regular office hours.

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Email Therapy 


Email counselling provides you with a great alternative to face to face sessions. For those who have busy schedules, those who cannot make the same time each week, or those who value processing through the written word, email therapy could be the option for you! 

Whether your difficulties involve working through depression, anxiety, trauma or general processing of life experiences, I will provide a secure platform for you to express your thoughts and emotional processes  and provide therapy through caring and supportive email responses to help deepen your process of self-exploration in a tailored manor.

 You will usually receive your Therapeutic Email response within 2-3 business days following the email. This can allow for some reflection time after writing your email which can be an important part of the process. 

Sessions cost £35 per therapeutic exchange (cheaper than face to face sessions) and payment is simple with the provided card payment links.

Email counselling is provided using Hushmail’s secure and encrypted platform, accesible from an link delivered to your regular email. A seperate password will be needed to read and compose emails through Hushmail.



Prior to Booking

Before commencement of therapy, we can have a free 20-minute discussion to see how I can help, clarify if therapy is right for you, and also for you to ask any questions you may have. I will also send you the working agreement I have with all clients. If you wish to continue after then, I will also send you a form to fill using Hushmail, a secure and encrypted platform and then will book you in for your first session.

Payments for Online Therapy

Email counselling sessions are paid for by payment links I will provided you with. You will recieve a payment link in a confirmation email, then within the response email there will be a new link for the next session.

To book a session, arrange an initial consultation or to ask any general questions, please do contact me on the details below.

Call 07795824024 or email to book today.

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