Craig Coventry is an experienced and qualified professional counsellor and psychotherapist based in Guildford and Woking, Surrey. Craig also offers online counselling to assist those who are not able to travel to his therapy rooms, prefer written or video sessions, or those who request sessions outside of Craig’s regular office hours.

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Online Therapy In Woking & Guildford


Counselling online has been growing in recent years; and has in fact a rather long history. To cater for needs and desires for different clients, I provide email therapy using Hushmail’s secure and encrypted email service and counselling through video call using vSee.

Email Therapy:

Email therapy can be a hugely beneficial experience. It is well known that the act of writing things down, and often deleting and re-writing, really does help an individual to think and process their thoughts and experiences in a deeper and enriching manner. As it is a form of asynchronous communication, there is time to think about what you have written before you send and receive your therapeutic email back, and indeed digest your response before starting the following email. Some people prefer email other face to face sessions due to being able to express themselves more freely or creatively than in face to face sessions. For others it simply suits their schedule better and offers more flexibility. The cost of email therapy is £40 per therapeutic email exchange, unless you are on a concessionary rate which would be agreed prior to commencement of therapy. The fee covers 50 minutes of my time, as would a face to face session. This is including the reading of your email, processing what I have read and then writing my response. This means you do need to keep the emails at the appropriate length for me to be able to respond appropriately to the entire email. Some online therapists stick to a more rigid word count and charge for 2 sessions if you go over. I do not take this approach, however, a rough guide would be a 1 ¼ – 1 ½ pages using Microsoft Word with font size 11. Going over that would mean I am less likely to be able to respond to the entire email as there would be less time for me to really think about and process what you have written and I would rather reply with more thought and processing rather than touching on all points briefly.

Video Therapy:

Video therapy is offered through Vsee, which is an online video call platform designed for initially for tele-medicine and can be great way to have therapy sessions. Some people prefer video sessions due to distance, difficulties in scheduling, or simply due to preferred method of communication. Therapy is similar to face to face sessions in regard to length of session and being able to see and hear each other in real time. Although, seeing someone in the flesh has it’s advantages, so does seeing someone through video. For example, the distance may help some people open up more, some people may find more comfort in video if they are used to online communication, and the presence felt when engaged in dialogue can almost remove the media and  feel like you and the therapist are in the same place. 

The fee structure is different for video therapy, the standard session fees range from £50- £65 depending on day and time. £50 if it’s a time I am at home, £60 if it is a time where I am usually at my Woking therapy rooms, and £65 if it a time when I am usually at my Guildford therapy rooms. The lower rate of £50 is more likely to be available for those who can be available Wednesday or Tuesday early afternoons or late mornings as I am usually in one of the offices the rest of the time and therefore office room rental will be included in the fee.


Prior to Booking

Before commencement of therapy, we can have a free 20-minute discussion to see how I can help, clarify if therapy is right for you and also which medium, and also for you to ask any questions you may have. I will also send you the working agreement I have with all clients. If you wish to continue after then, I will send you a form to fill using Hushmail, a secure and encrypted platform and then will book you in for your first session.

Payments for Online Therapy

For online therapy, sessions are always paid the day before the session. Either by bank transfer or I can send payment link for you to enter card details. This is purely so I can check payments have arrived in the morning, prior to the session as I do not often have the time to keep checking my accounts at each session.

To book a session, arrange an initial consultation or to ask any general questions, please do contact me on the details below.

Call 07470514551 or email info@craigcoventrycounselling.co.uk to book today.

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